Why is gold vermeil a great option for dangly belly charms?

There's no denying that gold jewelry is having a moment right now.


Gold vermeil is a great option for all precious metal lovers who want the look of gold without the price tag. It is made by bonding a thick layer of solid gold (at least five times higher than regular gold-plated jewelry) to a base of sterling silver.  It is significantly more durable than gold plating and also looks better.  In fact, you would have a hard time telling it apart from solid gold.


For people with metal allergies, gold vermeil is a good choice as the thick layer of gold prevents skin contact with the underlying silver. It's an insider's secret for getting the look of solid gold at a fraction of the price.


But gold vermeil is not just a cheaper alternative to solid gold - it has benefits that make it ideal for certain applications. For instance, it is almost half the weight of solid gold. This is especially important for dangly belly charms.  Anyone who has worn a dangly belly charm knows they can become quite uncomfortable to wear if they are too heavy. The constant pulling can cause the piercing to become irritated, and once you have reached that stage it just makes it difficult to move around.


Jolie Co is all about charms. We believe a dangly belly charm is the perfect accessory to take your outfit from “meh” to “wow”.  Choosing gold vermeil over solid gold for our charms was an important consideration.  And while affordability was a factor, our primary objective was to ensure they are comfortable to wear.  For this same reason we have also chosen moissanite stones over cubic zirconia, as they are also about half the weight.  And best of all moissanite stones have the same sophisticated sparkle of a diamond - at a fraction of the price.  


So, if you're looking for a sophisticated dangly belly charm that won't weigh you down, be sure to check out our collection at Jolie Co.


XOXO 'til next time Alyssa Jolie