Pro’s and con’s to belly piercings.

Fashion is in the details. Even the boldest outfit - from that perfect dress to those killer shoes - can be elevated with the right accessories. But out of all the pieces that define your style - be it a necklace, stacked earrings, or a designer purse - none are as intimate and evocative as the navel piercing. When done right, it's the subtle touch that transforms your vibe from daring to refined.


Or maybe you’re all out to make a statement.  Navel jewelry is not just a trend; it’s an expression, a nod to fashion enthusiasts who dare to be different.


So, what’s the verdict - to pierce or not to pierce?




Aesthetic and trendy:  The discussion over belly rings and whether it’s a trend that will last or who started it – is a trending topic in and of itself.  Ok, so look around you – how many people do you see wearing one and how sexy does it look when done right? Piercings are in, and in a big way.  It’s such a cool form of self expression.


Empowering and sexy:  Your navel jewelry is the centerpiece of any outfit. There’s something about a sophisticated dangly belly charm that just gives you that magic touch of confidence.  Let alone it draws more attention than all your other jewelry or accessories.  Purse who?  And that’s because it really makes your outfit pop whether you are wearing a fancy dress or loungewear. 


Fun: There are so many ways to be playful with your belly jewelry, and style to match an outfit.  What’s not to love about matching an assortment of belly rings and dangly charms when you can show it off with crop tops and swimwear or that killer dress?


Lots of jewelry to choose from: There is a huge variety of belly button rings available, be sure to do your research and choose one that truly complements not only your look but also your anatomy and piercing. Especially belly jewelry made by reputable companies using quality materials.


Easy to remove:  If you ever change your mind about wearing a belly button ring you can easily remove it and simply stop wearing it.  Although the piercing may not close on its own, it is relatively simple to fix.




Painful:  The initial pinch can be sharp and uncomfortable, but it goes away quickly.


Rejection:  Some people are prone to rejection, where the body's response to a foreign object is to move the jewelry up towards its surface so that it can come out and close the piercing.  The materials of your belly jewelry are likely to be the cause.  So much of this can be avoided.


Migration:  The jewelry can move within the pierced area from its original position to new location. This is usually caused by untrained or inexperience piercers.  Be sure to choose your piercer and jewelry carefully.


Infection:  The belly button area can easily become infected due to its moist conditions.  You must be prepared to regularly clean the area and jewelry as improper care can lead to some fairly severe infections. In addition, you must also care for what goes onto your navel from touching surfaces like door handles without washing your hands first. 


Gets caught:  Belly button jewelry can be a little riskier and more adventurous, especially if you're playing around. It can get caught on everything from belts to laundry baskets—so extra attention is needed.


So, what's the verdict?


Are navel piercings worth the pain and effort? Remember, fashion is all about expressing who you are and finding those unique vibes that make you stand out. Everything you wear, from your favorite kicks to that killer dress, tells something about you. But a belly piercing? That’s next level. It gives you that confidence boost you can't get from just any accessory, even that go-to purse. Try this: next time you're out, see where people's eyes go. So, is it worth it? You tell me.


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