A whole new level of comfort and customization.



The fit is everything, from the bar length to the shape and style of jewelry that best fits your piercing and anatomy. But is that all? Have you ever felt your jewelry doesn’t quite fit the way you wanted? Maybe the bottom gem gets buried too much and isn’t as visible, or the opposite—it sits at an angle and sticks out too much.

When you consult our Piercing Concierge™, we help you customize the jewelry in ways you never thought possible.


Here’s what to expect:

  • We respond in minutes. And that's not all—even the most complex customizations take only 2 weeks from start to finish. 
  • Our navel rings are offered in 18 bar lengths, from 5mm to 14mm, in every whole and half size in between, so that it fits your piercing perfectly.
  • Each of our styles is available in every stone size imaginable. We’ll help you pick the one that best suits your navel anatomy.
  • We can adjust the angle and placement of the stone settings so that it wears just the way you want it.
  • Have a special stone or color in mind? There are no limits to how you customize your jewelry.

And best of all, it’s complimentary. Our vision is to give you the ultimate flexibility to personalize your jewelry.  


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