Fine belly jewelry, what’s the fuss?

Ok, you had your belly pierced, gone through the process, and fully healed. Now it’s about expressing yourself and finding the jewelry that reflects your unique personality.


Let’s dive right in.


You're all set to make a statement.  Your outfit is perfect with all the right accessories – purse, shoes (perfectly paired), bling-you name it; but put on a surgical-steel dangly belly ring.

The idea of wearing surgical steel jewelry with a sophisticated outfit just doesn't mesh well. It's like putting ketchup on a steak. Sure, it's still edible, but it takes away from the overall experience.

If fashion is your thing, you have a natural sense of style. When you put on a bikini at the beach, you look just as sophisticated as when you wear a fancy dress.

It’s far too often you see a hot outfit done up, but the accessories just take away from it.  That’s right you guessed it, I am referring to the belly jewelry – the sexy centerpiece – that magic touch of confidence.


So, what makes a fine piece of belly jewelry?  It’s all subjective. 


Let’s start with the perspective of someone admiring your belly jewelry.  The materials are not always apparent, but the refined look and finish of a well-crafted piece reveals the quality. Everything from the polish to the stones, and the way they are set in the prongs or even the links on a dangly charm, makes a difference. Yes, the differences are subtle, but a fine piece of jewelry is easily distinguished.

But there’s another more important perspective.  It’s how you feel when you wear a delicate piece. If that wasn’t important, why crave after the designer purse or shoes?  Set aside ideology, traditions or even beliefs of healing characteristics, it turns out a sophisticated piece of jewelry is most likely made from precious metals. And not just because of perceived value but rather these materials can easily be sculpted into fine pieces of jewelry. 

Of course, the luxurious finish of the material is not what draws your attention to the piece – ultimately, it’s the stones, the sparkle, the depth.  Be sure to read my blog post about gemstones.


So, what’s the deal with surgical steel…is Titanium any different? 


Well, I am going to be a little blunt with this one - you can tell the piece is just not refined.  Inexpensive materials such as surgical steel or titanium are harder and more durable than precious metals by their very nature.  This makes them more difficult to work with. 

Some might argue that current technology now enables high-end pieces to be manufactured out of these materials. And that is very true but considering that most belly jewelry sold today cost well under ten dollars to manufacture (yes, the average markup is 6-7 times the cost, so do the math), you are very unlikely to get a refined finish let alone - the very quality of materials is often in question. 


And just in case you are thinking “my piece is fine enough, and it doesn’t hurt me when I wear it - why bother with any of this?”


Well, I think this one is touchy for me and begs a question - Is this how you think of all the other accessories you choose to match your outfit?  If you did, then maybe it does not make a difference, but for all you fashionistas out there, I’ll leave you with this – your belly jewelry is a centerpiece.

So, if you are looking to shake-up your navel jewelry collection you must first consider how the piece complements your look and style.  Your navel is an intimate and sensitive area – prioritize it just like you do other jewelry, designer purses or shoes.


XOXO ‘til next time…Alyssa Jolie