Why is moissanite such a hot stone for belly jewelry?

Buckle up ladies, we are going on a journey to explore a diamond look-a-like stone.  But unlike my blog post on natural stones - we are tackling this with a belly jewelry lens on. After all, this is more than just a passion of mine.


What is moissanite?


Moissanite is a rare gemstone that has been known to closely resemble diamonds. The most unique thing about this stone is its breathtaking sparkle.  

The moissanite stone is truly a gift from the stars. It was discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893 while studying a meteorite crater in Arizona. It's made from silicon carbide and is extremely rare to find in nature. In fact, prior to its discovery, it was only found in meteorites. But there’s some good news as today, moissanite is created in laboratories and has become increasingly popular in jewelry designs due to its amazing properties.


So what are these properties?


Sophisticated Sparkle and Appearance:  


Moissanite has more sparkle than any other gemstone, meaning it emits more fire and brilliance. In fact, it has a significantly higher refractive index when compared to cubic zirconia and even higher than diamonds. It’s hard to find a more radiant stone than moissanite. In other words, it's guaranteed to make any piece of belly jewelry look stunning.  It’s superior clarity and perfect appearance to the naked eye – is sure to draw attention, let alone make your outfit pop. And best of all, moissanite will not lose its sparkle or clarity as time passes.


Compared to cubic zirconia that is known for its excessive light dispersion, moissanite has the same sophisticated look of a diamond. And, although it does not perfectly match the sparkle of diamonds, the differences are quite subtle and distinctive.


Weight:  (on navel jewelry weight matters)


Aside from the sparkle, the weight of moissanite gems is one of its greatest features.  It weighs less than a diamond and almost half the weight of cubic zirconia.  So, when you attach a three stone moissanite dangly belly charm your Jolie belly ring it will be much more comfortable as it is lighter. Many complain of their dangly belly ring being uncomfortable because it’s heavy.  This was a key consideration for Jolie Co. opting for this stone.


Reaction to dirt:  


As you well know, household chemicals, body oils or even dust are no friend to the shine of gemstones in general.  Over time, any stone takes on a cloudy appearance when left unclean.  But moissanite is much better to resist to dirt as compared to its counter parts and never loses its sparkle. Cubic zirconia for example, permanently loses its sparkle at a fast rate and needs to be cleaned more frequently.




You might not think of durability when choosing a stone but moissanite is the second hardest gemstones on the planet, ranking 9.25 on the Mohs scale (diamonds rank 10).  It is much harder than cubic zirconia which ranks at 8.5.  What does this mean, take a hammer to a cubic zirconia stone and it turns to dust, while moissanite doesn't break or chip - just like a diamond.  This makes it an ideal choice for everyday wear as it's highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking.  




The price of moissanite can vary just like a diamond depending on the size, clarity, and color. Moissanite gems are typically only a fraction of the price of diamonds, making them a more budget-friendly option for those looking for a beautiful stone.


Ethical Origins:


Since moissanite is lab-created rather than mined from the earth, this means that it doesn't contribute to conflict or environmental damage in any way. Plus, Diamonds often take millions of years to form; Moissanite can be created in just a few days.


Since they cost less, why aren’t moissanite stones as popular as diamonds?


A diamond is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of love, commitment, and femininity. For many women, diamonds represent the ultimate expression of luxury and style. They are synonymous with elegance and grace.  But for those modern couples whose personal values align more with protecting the environment than the lasting monetary value of a stone, let alone the significance we have been programmed to believe, moissanite gems have proven to be a great substitute.


So, will moissanite replace diamonds anytime soon?  Probably not.

And since this blog post is about moissanite as it pertains to belly jewelry, we should probably consider the size of the stones and price - above all.  So, if it’s true what they say about size when it comes to stones – can you imagine 6 karats worth of diamonds on a belly ring and charm?


XOXO ‘til next time Alyssa Jolie