Natural stones and their meaning

There’s no denying that gemstones are visually stunning. But there’s more to these stones than natural beauty or how well they complement a look or an outfit.  It’s their deeper meaning and personal connection that makes them special.


For centuries, people have worn amulets made of gemstones to protect themselves from harm and to guide them on their journey through life. They are believed in many cultures around the world to have special powers that heal both the body and soul. Today, people still wear them as a way to connect with the natural world and harness its energies.


Whether it's the simple act of wearing a piece of jewelry that makes us feel good or the deeper significance we attach to a certain stone, gemstones make a beautiful and enduring addition to any jewelry collection.


But there is much controversy in how they are mined


It's not a secret that in today’s society, we are all caught up with our daily routines and often take the things we appreciate for granted. Rarely do we pay attention to how something was made or sourced when it doesn't affect us directly. 


It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that our responsibility for the world around us begins and ends with supporting the organizations we agree with. But the reality is that our responsibility extends much further than that. For example, consider the mining of gemstones. Some people might say that color gemstones don't fund wars and their mining is less toxic. But they are just as dangerous to civilians who live near these mines. And although we do not have any control over this, we can all help by only supporting organizations that have a commitment to fair and transparent practices. By taking this responsibility, we can help to make sure that the people who are most affected by these dangerous mines are not forgotten.


Ethically sourced gemstones are a complex issue. There are many considerations, such as labor, environment, traceability, or transparency. It all stems from the companies involved and their guiding principles - be it not exploiting the workers or exposing them to dangers or damage the environment in the process. And since there are often multiple companies involved, it is about their practices to provide honest information to consumers. That's why the reputation of the companies involved is so important.


How can you tell if a gemstone is high quality?


The lack of an international standard or consistent evaluation system for colored gemstones does not make this an easy task.  The colors, transparency and other properties vary among sellers.  This makes it almost impossible for buyers looking at colored gems in a retail setting, not only determine what kind they want, but also rate their quality.  The carat or clarity of the stone is not as important as it is when buying a diamond.


But there are some general guidelines you can follow when trying to assess the quality of a colored gemstone. First, look at the color of the stone. A high-quality stone will have a rich, vibrant color, while a lower-quality stone may appear dull or muted. Next, examine the transparency of the stone. If it's transparent, you should be able to see through it clearly.  However, some inclusions are just natural minerals that occur in certain types of stones such as the emerald. Finally, consider the cut of the stone. A well-cut stone will reflect light evenly and have a symmetry that pleases the eye.


Of course, there is a more technical approach to classify gemstones and determined among sellers. And since all gemstones are not equal - they vary in color, transparency, etc. The typical leading jewelry grade goes from good (Natural A) to better (Natural AA) and best (Natural AAA) or even higher (Natural AAAA). However, even with this approach, which sets a guideline for pricing, it is ultimately up to the individual buyer to decide what kind of colored gemstone they are looking for.


Now let’s geek out a little and get deeper into their significance.


In my view, it’s not until you connect with the significance of these stones that you fall in love with them.  Personally, I find gemstones to be fascinating.  Each gemstone is like a little piece of art, and I enjoy wearing them as a way to show my personality. The beautiful colors can really complement an outfit as well, especially when worn on your belly.  These color gemstones really take belly jewelry to another level of cool.  Had to slip that one in there.   


But let’s stick to their significance in this blog post.  Did you know that these natural stones can also be used to manifest your dreams? That's right, you can supercharge your manifestation practice and bring your deepest desires to life.


Let’s explore the meaning behind some of these stones.


White Topaz

This stone is known as the “master healer” because it can be used for any and all ailments. Gemstone experts say that white topaz can help to increase your energy levels and give your immune system a boost.


Rose Quartz

Known as the “love stone,” rose quartz is thought to promote feelings of love, peace, and harmony. If you’ve been feeling stressed out or anxious, wear quartz to help calm your nerves.



This sunny stone is said to bring happiness and good fortune. If you’re going through a rough patch, or just need some extra positive vibes in your life, reach for citrine. Gemstone experts also believe that citrine can help manifest your desires.



Amethyst is thought to have powerful healing properties and is often used to protect against negative energy. If you tend to absorb other people’s stress, or just need some extra protection against negative vibes, be sure to add an amethyst charm to your belly ring.


Blue Topaz

This beautiful blue stone is known as the “stone of peacefulness.” Blue topaz is also thought to promote creativity and communication—so if you’re working on a creative project or presentation, this is the stone to reach out for.


And yes…there are many more to explore.

I plan on doing a more in-depth blog post on these crystals and gemstones and how they work.  In fact, I will be opening this up on social media as I would love to hear what experiences each of you have had with natural gemstones.


XOXO ‘til next time Alyssa Jolie