How long does it take to get my order?

We aim to have enough inventory of all items but we’re always in the process of restocking. If the item, you are looking to order shows as “In-stock” then you can rest assured it will ship, next day. If it shows as “Made-to-order” the production timelines starting with June 1st, will take between 2-3 weeks although we aim to deliver faster.

Shipping timelines:

In-Stock: Transit times can vary from country to country. Standard shipping within Canada can be as quick as 1 day whereas in the USA it can take 2 to 3 Days. In other parts of the world such as Europe, UK or Australia it can take a 2 days longer. Expedited shipping is available.

Made-to-order: Made-to-order jewelry as of June 1st, 2024 will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the time of order. And while waiting for something to get produced isn’t always our first choice, you should know that wearing jewelry that perfectly fits your piercing is well worth the wait.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping in the US and Canada is FREE on orders over $150 and up to $20 in most other parts of the world. All items ship from Canada

Expedited shipping is available.

Are there additional duties and taxes?

Canada No duties, taxes apply.

United States No duties or Taxes currently. (orders under $800)

Australia & New Zealand No duties or Taxes (orders under $1,000 AUD)

UK & EU – 2.5% duty + VAT billed at the time of delivery

If you are ordering from any other country. Your country may apply duties.

How can I track my order?

You will receive email with the tracking information. If you cannot find it, be sure to check your spam/junk folders. You can also track your order by signing in directly through the Live Chat. Our preferred method is helping you directly. We love Instagram.

My Order

How do I find my order number?

With every order, we send an email confirmation. Be careful checking for these emails in case they end up in the junk/spam folder. And if you don't find it reach out to us by email at service@jolie-co.com or Instagram

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you need to change or cancel your order, please do it quickly. Our top priority is to fulfill orders for in-stock items as soon as they come in, so don’t be surprised if we happen to process yours right away.

In-stock items:

We may not be able to accommodate changes after the order has been processed.


An order for made to order item cannot be cancelled after it is processed.

Can I change the shipping address after the order is placed?

The shipping address cannot be changed after the order is placed.


You can contact the carrier directly with the tracking information provided and you can make the change with them directly.

Canada Post

Canada Post is not able to accommodate any changes to the address.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

When you consult Jolie Co's Piercing Concierge™ - we guarantee the jewelry will fit you perfectly or we'll exchange it - no questions asked.

You can return all items within 14-days of delivery. If you wish to exchange your item, please reach out to our Piercing Concierge™.

Some rules apply:

• Items cannot show any signs of wear or damage
• They must be packaged in the original box and pouch

A $30 fee applies for returns. A return label will be provided. Jolie Co has the right to deny the return and have the items shipped back to you if these
guidelines are not followed.

Made-to-order belly rings:

We will accept an exchange should you determine you need a different size or maybe even a different style. Our goal is for you to love wearing our jewelry.

How do I initiate a return?

We are committed to delivering an amazing experience at every step.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email at service@jolie-co.com or Instagram for a faster response. We're also available on our live chat (icon at bottom right corner of the page).

How much is the return shipping fee?

A $30 fee is charged for each returned item. We advise against buying multiple items if you're uncertain about your choice. May we suggest you consult our Piercing Concierge™.

Exchanges are $40 flat fee + any difference in the cost of the product.

Product Information

How is the Jewelry made?


All pieces are handcrafted with care, using an ancient old “lost-wax” technique of jewelry making. This process combines both cast and handmade elements like sanding and buffing, putting an artisan's personal connection and love of their craft on display.

There are many considerations to manufacturing fine navel jewelry. It’s everything from the materials and the quality of stones to ensuring a consistent curvature of the bar and threading. Although you tend to be drawn to the look and feel of a belly ring or maybe just the sparkle, your experience is ultimately dictated by the quality of craftmanship and how comfortable the jewelry is to wear.

We are extremely critical of all these considerations. Quality craftmanship is not just a promise…it’s an integral part of every single aspect of manufacturing. It’s about combining processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and the skill of master artisans.

But above all this, there is yet one more consideration. It is our commitment to your experience and an ethical approach to business.


All our navel rings are made of 14k solid gold which contains no nickel. The alloys used in the mix of our 14k solid gold are sourced through one of the largest and most accredited precious metal refiners in the United States. You can be certain the materials are 100% recycled and adhere to the highest standards.


Semi-Precious Stones

Our semi-precious stones are all ethically sourced from conflict-free zones. We have direct relationships with reputable gemologists to ensure efficient sourcing of all the top grade semi-precious gemstones. They are carefully inspected before use.

Moissanite Stones

Moissanite stones are created in a laboratory. Our colorless and near flawless clarity moissanite stones, originate from a reputable provider in China. We inspect each stone to ensure it meets our specifications. At present, many Asian providers of moissanite stones issue GRA certificates, however there is much controversy surrounding the authenticity of these certificates. For this reason, we have elected to rely on our own internal verification. We will not be providing a GRA certificate to you, but you can rest assured you are getting top-quality moissanite stones as described.

What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is a great option for those who want the look of gold without the price tag, and it's also significantly more durable than gold plating. Vermeil is made by bonding a thick layer of 18k Gold (at least five times higher than regular gold-plated jewelry) to a base of 925 Sterling Silver, making it stronger and giving it the luxurious look and feel of yellow gold. But not all Gold Vermeil is equal. At Jolie Co we apply a thick 3-micron layer of 18k gold onto a 925 Sterling Silver.

The 14k gold vermeil charms can be matched with a 14k solid yellow gold bar – they may look identical, but your pocket will surely thank you.

What is rhodium plated 925 sterling silver?

925 sterling silver is a popular choice for jewelry and known not to cause allergic reactions. But it can tarnish over time and is not as durable as some other metals. Rhodium is a rare metal and commonly used in fine jewelry. The rhodium plating both strengthens and protects delicate metals from corrosion and tarnishing by creating a beautiful reflective white finish. Rhodium has a higher luster and whiteness which gives sterling silver a modern look.

Because Jolie Co applies a rhodium plating on all of its 14k white gold bars, you can easily match them up with a rhodium plated 925 sterling silver charm. They may look identical, but your pocket will surely thank us for it!

What is the difference between internally & externally threaded belly bars?

For anyone considering a new piercing, it is important to be aware of the different types of threading available. A professional piercer will always recommend an internally threaded belly bar as it provides a smoother insertion since there are no threads on the outside of the barbell to catch on raw tissue. They are also more difficult to manufacture which is why the external threading is much more common in low-priced belly bars.

Externally threaded belly bars tend to be much more susceptible to irritation and infection as the threads are like little, tiny knives and can catch on the delicate tissue, leading to cuts, scrapes, and inflammation. In addition, bacteria can easily become trapped in the nooks and crannies of the threading, increasing the risk of infection.

You may use externally threaded body jewelry if your piercing is well-healed. However internally threaded belly bars are always the safer and recommended option.

What is the safest belly jewelry to wear?

Whether you are just getting pierced or looking for a change, you need to consider the material the jewelry is made of and the type of threading. Check out our “What you need to know” blog posts.

Everyone reacts to metal sensitivities differently, there are some symptoms to watch out for. Itching, redness, swelling, soreness, and warmth at the exposed area are all signs that you’re allergic to the metals in your jewelry.

Regardless of whether you know how your skin reacts to certain materials the wises choice is to always choose a material that is less likely to give you a reaction. Your piece will be more comfortable to wear.

The type of threading is equally important as externally threaded belly bars tend to be much more susceptible to irritation and infection as the threads are like little, tiny knives and can catch on the delicate tissue, leading to cuts, scrapes, and inflammation. In addition, bacteria can easily become trapped in the nooks and crannies of the threading, increasing the risk of infection.

For new piercings:

You should never use any type of plated materials or those that contain nickel. The safest materials for new piercings are 14k solid gold and titanium grade 5 TI6AL4V alloy or grade 23 Ti6AL4V ELI alloy compliant to ASTM F136.

And remember, your professional piercing studio has a responsibility to educate you on the materials and types of threading before you get pierced. But some piercers are flat out busy and don’t take the time to explain. And so – do your own research – it is your body and the ultimate responsibility to protect yourself is on you!

For healed piercings:

Many believe that any material is safe to wear once your piercing has healed and that is simply not true. For example, not all surgical steel meets the safe specifications as set out by ASTM.

So many “gold plated belly rings” compete for your attention but gold plating is an extremely challenging and complex process. Don't get fooled by cheap gold-plated jewelry. It’s not safe or practical. The thin layers of gold plating wear out quickly and the flaking and exposure to the underlying materials can cause irritation and infections no matter where you are in your piercing journey.

Do you research and carefully review the materials no matter where you are in your piercing journey – especially if you are hypersensitive.

How is your jewelry packaged?

Each piece of jewelry is carefully cleaned and handled with gloves before being placed in the custom Jolie pouch and box.


Do you offer warranty?

At Jolie Co, we know that jewelry is meant to be worn and loved. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a higher level of craftmanship and quality control, which is reflected in our 12-month warranty.

But you should know, our commitment to your satisfaction, doesn't have an expiry date.

Important to note, 14k solid gold jewelry is extremely durable and designed to last for many years.

This is also true for jewelry made from gold vermeil and rhodium plated silver. With proper care they can last for many years as well.

The warranty does not cover lost items, scratches or damages that may come with normal wear and tear or improper use. The gold vermeil and rhodium plating can come off with excessive use and exposure to the elements. This is why we have opted for a 12-month warranty across all items. If anything happens to your jewelry, just contact us and we'll work together to find a resolution.


What payment methods do you accept?

Interact and all major Credit Cards

Interact, Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, Discover Card, Bay contact, Diners Club

Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Sezzle, Klarna, Google Pay, PayPal

Afterpay (available to United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, New Zealand customers)

*Please note, if you do not see AfterPay at checkout, reach out to us via email or social media for help.

Klarna: (only available to Canadian customers)

Sezzle: (only available to United States and Canadian customers)

*Please note, if you do not see Sezzle at checkout, reach out to us via email or social media for help.