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Paperclip Belly Chain Silver

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Material: 925 sterling silver anti-tarnish
Chain type: Fine Paper Clip Chain
Chain length (adjustable): 28" - 32"
Chain extension (optional): 6"


A paperclip belly chain has a special, subtle beauty. 

It adds an instant layer of sophistication to your look no matter what you’re wearing.  It's the perfect way to keep it subtle yet stylish.  But if you want to spice it up a bit why not stack two paperclip belly chains - one in gold and one silver - for an effortless wow factor. 

And don’t stop there, belly rings and chains make an even greater combo.  With our latest belly ring design, a belly chain (or chains) go straight through.  It's comfortable to wear and guaranteed to get you noticed.

Care Instructions

Best practices for maintaining your 925 sterling silver belly chains and anklets:

Care: To ensure you keep your jewelry looking its best, you need to give it a little (tlc) tender love and care from time to time.

1. Stick to mild soaps and warm water for the best results.
2. Gently rub your jewelry using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Make sure it is a clean, “un-treated” cloth. These contain polishing chemicals too harsh for the rhodium plating.
3. Do not use a brush or ultrasonic cleaner on rhodium jewelry, as this can be too abrasive to the rhodium plating.
4. When not worn, store your jewelry safely. We recommend using the Jolie Pouch to protect your pieces from scratching.

Please see FAQs section on 'Product Care' for more info.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 307 reviews
Roxy (Victoria, CA)
Exactly what I was looking for!

Alyssa and her team were very helpful and thorough in their approach to find the perfect fit for me. I went big with the 2.2 carat Moissanite and I couldn’t be happier - it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. This belly ring is comfy and practical enough to be my daily driver, all while making a statement.

Isabel Thompson (Cottage Grove, US)
the best

recieved the best help in finding my perfect fit and the jewelry quality is so good, i won’t be buying navel jewelry anywhere else:)

Ava Le Cornu (Saint Helier, JE)
jewellery is awesome


Naomi (Queens, US)

super sweet business, the sweet girl who runs it is extremely helpful. if you don’t know your size and can’t figure it out the piercing concierge is extremely helpful!! thanks to this amazing girl i now own a piercing that i love. the price and experience is definitely worth it!!!

Cedra Al Karri (Windermere, US)
Love my piercing!

I absolutely love this piercing, it looks great on and is very comfortable. I was worried that my 10mm was too long but a quick consult with the piercing concierge let me know that it’s a good fit but I was offered other options in case I wanted to exchange. Absolutely love the piercing and I love how they have multiple charms you can pick from that are detachable!


Perfect fit, the stones were the perfect size!! Sparkles beautifully! I was a little nervous at first to order the wrong size but the sizing chart really helped. I absolutely recommend this jewelry!

The Tea

I'm a belly-jewelry “connoisseur” and I want you to be too! Come check out my blog for the latest posts on all things related.