The Jolie Experience

 Your belly jewelry is more than just an accessory - it's an extension of your unique personality and style. We are advocates of navel jewelry that’s customized to fit you perfectly. Our designs seamlessly blend fashion and function. At Jolie Co, a personalized and caring service is not just a commitment, it's the core of our brand.

We want every step of your Jolie Co experience to be memorable, from start to finish.

The experience with Jolie Co lies in every touch point with the company. Quality service is not just about doing everything right - it's also how you respond when things go wrong. The quality commitment is everything from the service you receive to the quality of the very items you purchase. An elevated experience is what you should expect and demand.

That's what we call white glove service!

Commitment to Quality Materials & Craftmanship

Quality craftmanship is not just a promise. It’s about combining processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and the skill of master artisans. It’s everything from the materials and stones to the very commitment to a positive experience when you buy a Jolie Co product.

  •  We only use fine precious metals which are 100% recycled.
  •  Unlike diamonds, moissanites stones are created in a lab and inherently conflict-free.
  •  We only partner with organizations that adhere to strict ethical and sustainable sourcing for all our semi-precious stones.
  •  Lastly, almost 40% of the energy used to create our jewelry is generated via solar panels.

  • Packaging

    Each item is carefully sanitized and handled with gloves before being placed in our branded packaging.

    We want you to experience the joy of receiving a Jolie Co package.

    If the item is a gift and you wish to include a personalized note, send us an email with your message and we’ll make sure to include it – there’s no charge for this.


    Our journey begins with your purchase.

    In fact, we encourage you to drop us a DM on Instagram and let us know how you feel about your purchase. Please do not hesitate to voice a concern, maybe you are not sure of the fit or the style you purchased. We live on social media, so don’t be surprised if we respond to your comment in just a few minutes.