Piercing Concierge™

Ready for an exciting style-defining adventure? At Jolie Co, we understand that finding the perfect jewelry goes beyond style – it's about the fit of the jewelry and the health of your piercing.

As a Jolie Co customer, you have exclusive access to our Piercing Concierge™. Think of us as your dedicated team of passionate professionals, ready to advise you on the dos and don’ts of navel piercing care. We aim to be your first point of contact, and your ultimate support group.

What to expect?

Jewelry that fits you perfectly: We will help you explore navel jewelry that fits your unique anatomy and style. And if we don’t already have it, we’ll custom make it for you. When you consult our Piercing Concierge™, we guarantee a perfect fit or an exchange, no questions asked.

Aftercare Routines: We go beyond the basics; we will review your aftercare routines and guide you to ensure optimal healing.

Piercing Health: Helping you understand what's normal, what's not - like figuring out why your piercing is irritated and how to soothe it. You won’t be alone trying to make sense of conflicting information on topics like using over-the-counter antibiotics. If we've exhausted our digital means, we won't hesitate to suggest it's time for you to see a local practitioner . Think of the Piercing Concierge™ as a convenient first point of contact.

Migration Awareness: The subtle shifting of a navel piercing can be misleading. Many don’t notice it until it’s too late. We're committed to keeping you informed so that you may prevent migration. But if it already happened, we’ll help you personalize your jewelry – not only because it looks better but also prevents it from progressing further.

Personalized Advice: Every navel piercing, and anatomy is as unique as your style.

When you purchase from Jolie Co, you become a part of our family. Offering our Piercing Concierge™ services is our way of saying – Thank You! We care about your satisfaction and well-being. At Jolie Co, we build trust one interaction at a time.


How to get in touch?

IG: @joliecojewelry 

SMS:  +1 888-470-3760

Email: service@jolie-co.com 

or via the Contact US Page